Ivan Marte Resigns

The resignation of Ivan Marte has put Rhode Island in the national news. Here’s from the source–Projo.com…

CRANSTON, R.I — Ivan G. Marte, chairman of the Rhode Island Republican Hispanic Assembly, says he has quit the GOP out of embarrassment at South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s address to Congress last week.

Marte became “disenchanted” with Governor Carcieri after the Republican governor sought his advice — and then ignored it, Marte said — concerning the 2008 executive order cracking down on illegal immigration. Carcieri’s order angered many in the Hispanic community.

Marte suggested Carcieri visit Hispanic families in their homes; meet with Hispanic community leaders, and answer questions on Hispanic talk radio. “I think once I left the office, they must have thrown it [his suggestions] in the garbage,” Marte said. “I haven’t heard back.”

Just over a year ago Southeast Asian youth invited the Governor to meet with them to discuss the firing of three experienced interpreters in a cost-cutting move that seemed sure to cost plenty and not just in dollars. Mrs. Carcieri compared the high school students to terrorists and said that meeting with them would be rewarding bad behavior.

This year a large crowd of Teabaggers got the Governor out on the State House lawn waving victory signs just like Richard Nixon. It’s clear who you have to be to get his attention.

Former Governor Lincoln Almond was a Republican, and didn’t have much of a base in South Providence. But I saw him at a celebration of Martin Luther King day, in a church on Cranston Street. Almond was still recovering from prostate surgery, he could easily have declined the invitation. He looked tired and uncomfortable, but he made the effort to be there. I’ve never forgotten that.

Respect, or non-respect, for constituents, speaks louder than words.


4 thoughts on “Ivan Marte Resigns

  1. Ivan Marte is learning the same sad lesson J.C. Watts did when he sought a seat at the table. The former African-American congressman from Oklahoma promoted conservatism hard, but when he sought a position in the GOP House leadership, he was treated like a busboy asking for a raise.
    God forbid one of THOSE people ask Carcieri for a favor.

  2. I like the point about the Asian students = terrorists, while the screaming faction = solid citizens.

    Nice. No wonder the GOP has had such resounding success with Those People.

  3. I can’t speak for Marte, but I’ll admit this much, if it wasn’t for Allan Fung I wouldn’t be in the Republican caucus. I’d be flying the independent flag. I was very discouraged in 2006 when promises were made but not kept and I’ll leave it at that. Also in 2006, I saw party leadership both locally and nationally back a candidate that was more electable but not necessarily beholden to the principles of the Republican party. That too turned me off.

    I think Marte’s decision is his own, but I do want to know how he linked Wilson’s comments to a) race and b) his decision to leave the party. I can’t say that I’ve got a lot of faith in the Governor to be responsive to any member of the party regardless of race.

  4. I saw Alan Fung at the community meeting about Harrington Hall. He was calm, he kept order, he did not feed in to the anger. I had a good impression of him. I had seen him a couple of years before at a memorial service for a religious leader and I noticed his good manners– something you can’t always depend on when a politician is at a public event.

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