Pot Calling the Kettle Fat

This is from the Huffington Post, count the contradictions in two sentences and win a prize…

Conservative commentator Bill Bennett certainly didn’t endear himself to the residents of Chicago during a recent appearance on CNN’s “The Situation Room.” Asked for his thoughts about President Obama going to Copenhagen to personally lobby for Chicago as the sight of the 2016 Olympics, Bennett said that he was actually rooting for Rio, Brazil: “I’m actually for Rio. In Rio, it’s beautiful women at the beach, and in Chicago, it’s fat people eating.”

Bennett (not the slimmest man on television) saw one silver lining in Obama’s trip: “He is going to have to say some really very positive things about the United States while abroad, which is not something he has been doing.”

Now this is a chubby guy slandering an entire major US city as being fat, while criticizing the President for supposedly saying negative things about our country. He’s rooting for Rio over Chicago. Way to go, patriot.

Bill Bennett is a conservative opponent of health reform who can lose enough money on the slots in an evening to insure a dozen poor families for a year and has written several books on virtue.

Bennett grew up in modest circumstances and worked hard to get an education with the help of loans and scholarships. Prior to advocating for cuts in the federal student aid program he was able to attend Catholic school and two colleges to study Jesuitical Sophistry Philosphy and Law. He is not an elitist.

This just in– We lost. I blame Bill Bennett. Why does he hate America?

To heck with Chicago– it’s not the real America anyway. Zealots erupt in applause when Rio gets the Olympics. That’s American zealots. They want us to fail.

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