A Special Place in Hell

Or is there? I’m getting to think that perps (no offense, Roman Polanski), and ax-murderers and such are so common they’re starting to bore us. Who cares why they do it? This one did it for the money. I wouldn’t give her a special place in Hell, maybe the trailer park of Hell, with noisy, uncongenial neighbors and lousy insulation in the winter. An eternal February thrown in for good measure, a couple of barking dogs and a guy who plays The Doors at 3 a.m.

In this world, prison will have to do.

This is ‘faith-based’ and ‘for-profit’ medicine at the intersection of desperation and greed…

Oct 8th, 2009 | LOS ANGELES — Prosecutors brought fraud charges Thursday against a doctor accused of promising terminally ill cancer patients in their darkest hours that they would be cured with an herbal treatment.

Using her influence as an ordained Pentecostal minister, Dr. Christine Daniel tapped into the vessel of faith to entice people from across the nation to try her regimen.

If you thought God had given you the power to heal, how would you use it? Would you give it away for free? Not Dr. Daniel…

In all, federal prosecutors said Daniel siphoned about $1.1 million from 55 families between 2001 and 2004. Six patients ranging in age from 4 to 69 died within seven months after seeing Daniel.

“This is an example of a doctor who is preying upon the most vulnerable people in our society,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Johns. “These patients were told they were being cured, but they were being eaten alive by cancer.”

So all you people who have a faith-based approach to life’s sorrows and unfairness, or have a faith in the supernatural wisdom of the free market– consider this. You are not in the best position to bargain hunt and negotiate when you have a gun to your head– or when you have a dire diagnosis. We could say that the victims of Christine Daniel made ‘bad choices’, but who knows what they were facing? Our profit-driven system rewards volume, which works against a doctor who takes time to talk to her patients, especially the sickest ones. Daniel probably had a wonderful bedside manner, where an honest doctor might have been stressed and overloaded with patients. Also, the honest doctor has to tell the patient the truth, not sell her a fake cure.

If Dr. Daniel hasn’t found a lawyer, she should give Orly Taitz a call.


4 thoughts on “A Special Place in Hell

  1. There should be and hopefully are special places in Hell for people like Polanski, Dr. Daniel and who knows how many others. Mr. Polanski’s punishment is long overdue; he has had a life, a career, and great prosperity shielded by such wonderful examples of morality as Woody Allen. One hopes he will spend a good part of the time left to him explaining his “innocence” to other inmates of a prison somewhere.

    Dr. Daniel, however, if charged correctly, represents a special kind of “bad” and has made a fortune from the misery and fear of cancer victims. Unfortunately Dr. Daniel is not alone; there seem to be many evil frauds claiming “miracle cures” from Mexican “doctors” with apricot pits to special rays to mystical healing powers, all kept from us by “the medical profession.” We had personal exposure to these awful people during the late stages of my wife’s cancer. I have no idea how they found her–we do not live off the beaten path–but we received scores of “information” packets and even telephone calls (in spite of an unlisted number)from more than a dozen of these frauds. They prey on th weakness, illness and fears of people and their families. They seem to be just on the line between fraud and leagality, no doubt with the advice of lawyers. There are people in “private practice,” people in “clinics,” or “churches” and all prepared to receive your money for their “secret” knowledge that will make the patient cancer-free. It is all very sad and very evil.

  2. Too bad. I had no idea this was so common. I hope this doctor goes to jail and that others like her are caught and prosecuted. I’m sorry for what you and your family went through.

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