The Loophole is Closed

The Governor signed a law making prostitution illegal in Rhode Island, indoors or outdoors. I opposed this, but I hope I was wrong. I hope that Rep. Giannini and Prof. Donna Hughes and all those who conflated trafficking and prostitution are vindicated in their belief that this is the way to end the harm done to women and children by pimps and johns. I hope I’m wrong in my fear that this will drive the trade underground and drive the most desperate people further from help.

It all depends on how the law is used. So all of you who said your goal was to stop abuse–your work has just begun.

Providence Journal coverage here.

One thought on “The Loophole is Closed

  1. It is great to hear that the politicians have closed this most dangerous loophole regarding prostitution. I wonder if they just created new loopholes in the process, however. Does “indoors” mean in the trunk of a car, or an elevator? Does “outdoors” also cover: prostitution in a hot air balloon? Those politicians better revise the law and include all possible places. No reason to concentrate on such mundane issues as education, drugs, poverty or crime.

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