Not Worried about 2012

Driving into Boston, up Rt. 93, you will see a huge billboard with no message except four numbers–2012!!!. Start screaming now! I love this stuff.

Anyone remember the prediction that Comet Kohoutek would be ten times brighter than the sun? Probably you don’t, because the comet was a dud. But that doesn’t deter the End Times cheerleaders. They want the cataclysm. In their own lifetime. But have they considered the practical needs of their furry friends?

Some people have given consideration to those who will be Left Behind when the world finally ends for real. In addition to those people you hate, who deserve it, there are the mute victims. What about Fluffy? Who will make sure she gets her pills, crushed up and rolled into a clump of liverwurst so she won’t spit them out? You might almost think it’s a part of God’s plan that there are animal-loving atheists. Earthbound Pets will ensure that Fluffy is provided for, for a very reasonable fee. Wish I’d thought of that.

But Earthbound only contracts for ten years. What if the world remains in 2019. You still have work to do and bills to pay. How boring. Better make a contingency plan just in case you are still around. Here’s Yahoo News top 10 of failed Armageddons.

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