Standing on the Side of Love

Fortunately we don’t have a state religion, or religion by majority rule. Our Governor seems to misread his role and duty. The Catholic Church has his ear, and gives him its support, but the Bishop does not speak for all Catholics, let alone all Rhode Islanders, and there are other churches and religious bodies that do not endorse denying a bereaved person the right to make arrangements for a decent funeral for their loved one.

My minister has this to say.

My church blesses same-sex unions and I am tired of having my religious feelings disrespected by politicians who have forgotten the lesson of Roger Williams.

4 thoughts on “Standing on the Side of Love

  1. You know, there are time when I think a state religion should be mandatory.

    Then whiners on the right could have their cake, everyone could see how loathsome their beliefs really are, and we could sweep the whole mess into the dustbin of history.

    That’s essentially what happened in Europe. The church became a bureau of the state, was domesticated, and everyone got on with their lives.

    By “separating” the two, we’ve given religion too much mystique.

    However, I realize this isn’st entirely feasible. But a fella can dream, can’t he?

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