Back on the Blog

Whew! The good news is that the guys and gals at Brown got my computer working again and it didn’t cost too much. The bad news is that they don’t know what was wrong with it. I think it’s the spirits. My coffeepot went out too, and my palm pilot has lost the touch screen on the bottom half, I’m kind of half palming until I think of something better.

So much to have an opinion on, and no one but my long-suffering husband to vent to. He did say that it was nice to see something besides the back of my head for a while.

So what did I miss?


2 thoughts on “Back on the Blog

  1. Welcome back, Nancy! We missed you.

    The big news in these parts is that our Rector at Ascension, Fr. Lisby, is going to need to leave at the end of January. His partner, Tim, has been called to be rector of a church in Glen Rock, NJ. We’re sad to lose him, but are trying to be positive about things — he will undoubtedly go on to inspire other congregations to greatness, and we will be able to hire a part-time rector, a transition that will make our parish sustainabile long-term.

    Such is the fate of small churches in an increasingly secular society during a really crappy economy!

    The other news is Suzanne Arena will hopefully be doing a series of guest posts about toxic chemicals found in topical cosmetics and body products, and a new business started by a mother and daughter out of Barrington, inspired by the need for safer cosmetics.

  2. Well, I’m in the mood to buy some miracle anti-wrinkle cream, with winter coming on. So I’d be very interested in Suzanne’s post. I’d even go to Barrington to check out the cosmetics, although that neighborhood is scary with its lack of sidewalks, and wavy streets and hawks circling everywhere.

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