Family Values

You know, I have a superstition that any couple who enjoys a successful marriage and decides to cash in on that by becoming celebrity marriage counselors is cruising for a flaming public divorce. But the Man from Mars is still married to the Woman from Venus, so maybe I’m wrong.

I haven’t read ‘Going Rough’, I mean ‘Going Rouge’, I mean… whatever. It’s not on the shelf at the Rochambeau Library yet, but when it is I’ll check it out. Does that make me a socialist freeloading off the communal space? Let’s cut out the middleman, Sarah. Tell me what your percentage is and I’ll mail it to you.

There’s a gothic novel, or maybe a long-running soap opera like Dark Shadows, in the drama of the Palin in-laws. That is, her sister’s ex-husband, a State Trooper, who is deeply hurt by how he is portrayed in the book.

The Palin out-law will be found baring his soul in Playgirl. They never have that magazine at Rochambeau, and the kid’s got nothing I ain’t seen before so I’m not wasting five bucks. I’m more interested in what he says, but you can read that for free on the net.

2 thoughts on “Family Values

  1. People like Sarah Palin are nothing but phonies because they don’t do as they say but do just the opposite as they are saying. If she was a person with family values as she claims she would have done a better job of raising her oldest daughter so she would not have gotten pregnant at 15 either have put her on the pill or educated her not to have sex at such a early age. Also while running for the VP she wouldn’t touted Levi Johnson to marry her daughter and then dump him right after they lost the election. From what I have read he is persona non grata at there house even to see his son or daughter that he helped to create.

  2. I think the kids had more sense than their parents, in deciding not to get married. I hope that Bristol can get started in a good adult life, and that Levi will learn to be a responsible father, because there’s real teenagers and a real baby here.

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