Don’t Buy Books by Crooks

Anyone remember that slogan from after Watergate? When such as G.Gordon Liddy were shopping around for publishers?

Crime shouldn’t pay, but the White House party crashers are reported to be holding out for a half-million to tell their story. They probably owe that much, too, to other people they’ve scammed over the years.

What kind of example is this to set for the children? It makes me wish I had a TV so I could not watch them.

Consider also, how convenient it is to be white, WASPY looking and well-dressed. The Secret Service needs to wake up, before something worse than tabloid stars get through the gate.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Buy Books by Crooks

  1. I am, you know, the daughter and granddaughter of library workers (with and without advanced degrees), but I think their book will be no worse than the dreck of Miss Ex-California, and Mrs. Palin, and many other fools and criminals.

    So many wonderful writers go unpublished, and unread and we gorge ourselves on this spun sugar/refuse…

  2. The right to read whatever we wish seems on the way to be on the way to becing mired in a self imposed misdirected political correctness. The market place of ideas should be the only determining factor in what is read or not read and the price we pay for freedom is tolerance of the silly in order to find the brilliant. I don’t know what laws the White House party crashers broke, but I doubt that there are any besides bad taste. It is not a crime to be uninvited, just silly. They did not “trespass” since all Americans “own” the White House; it is the People’s House after all. I do not think there is a “crime” in anything they did. After all they did not select Mr. Biden as Vice President (was that bad judgement or bad tatse on Mr. Obama’s part). They did not try to pass legislation the American public seems to detest (again, is that bad taste or just arrogance)–they just went to an expensive party for rich people, thrown at taxpayer’s expense.

    Mr. Truman recognized that he was a temporary guest in the White House. Of course, unlike Mr. Obama, Mr. Truman and Bess, his wife, were frugal in their entertaining habits. It seems to me that the real bad taste in this situation was the huge expenditure by Mr. Obama at a time of hardship and difficulties for so many Americans in what is now the Obama economic debacle.

    Personally, the notions of some “crooks” writing their history is kind of interesting. It would make great reading if Billy the Kid had written his life story. Mr. Joseph Bonano’s autobiography was fascinating reading, as was John Dean’s telling of the Nixon fiasco.

  3. I am the person who started the boycott of Richard Nixon’s memoirs. Myself and another fellow coined the phrase “Don’t Buy Books By Crooks”.
    We did it because Nixon resigned from office, rather than being impeached. Nixon chose that route to save his pension. He then turned around and asked the American public to pay $19.95(an absurd price for the time)to tell them his story.
    He has been followed by many many crooks of both parties that have tried to profit from questionable deeds.

  4. We’re honored to meet you. The party crashers are small-time compared to the mountains of books written by people who have no sense of shame.
    May they all be remaindered.

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