Educate Yourself to Protect Your Body: Personal Care Products May Contain Toxins

Since 2004 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) launched Skin Deep, an online safety guide for cosmetics and personal care products. The aim was to fill in where companies and the government leave off: companies are allowed to use almost any ingredient they wish, and our government doesn’t require companies to test products for safety before they’re sold.

EWG’s scientists built Skin Deep to be a one-of-a-kind resource.  Take your shampoo or your child’s lip gloss or moisturizer and read more about the danger here:  Our epidermis is the largest body organ and approximately 60% of what we put on our bodies is absorbing these toxic ingredients.  Those who know me know that I am committed to researching and sharing information about potentially harmful facts.  We all are trying to attain a healthy lifestyle and yet, we daily sabotage our bodies (through hair, hygiene, and skincare products) with carcinogens so monstrous they are literally harming our future abilities to procreate, fight off cancers and the like. 

It is sickening that the Personal Care Industry is undermining our abilities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Cancer has become a common affliction or fatality and will further continue to rise.  Science reflects that toxins sit in the fatty cells of our bodies (i.e., breasts). Water, food, air, materials and personal care products all have toxins and this is completely unacceptable when you do the math and see how a combination has violated the EPA and FDA acceptable toxin limits. 

I plan to update the blog with information to aid you in making better choices.  In doing so, I am hopeful to you will see the damage that is being done and make a lifestyle change.  For now, here are some facts to ponder.  

U.S. President Barack Obama started to take action and recognizing that toxic chemicals exist in most of our skin care products and are penetrating our skin and causing cancer and reproductive problems. He stated that he wants to change the current laws in order for the government to start properly assessing the chemicals that go in our products and not allow any that have risk associated with them, and he’s not meaning tweaking ~ rather, a complete overhaul.

Currently 1,100 toxic ingredients which are banned in Europe but we allow them here.  I have studied toxins for years and I am sick to death of what has only been available to my children.   

Cancer is amongst us, therefore you must ask yourself… can we really be sure of the toxins we have been absorbing through our skin, and that they have no inpact on our other means of ingestion such as food, air and vaccines/medicines?  Work with me and let us remove one of the straws from the camels back, and alter the equation to a lesser number.   
December 1, 2009 in Barrington, Rhode Island ~ 15 year old Ava Anderson teamed up with her mother, Kim Anderson and they launched a first of its kind “Ava Anderson Non-Toxic” product line (  Ava read this article last year ( and was driven to find an answer as to the toxic potions available and make them truly “free” of such harmful ingredients.  Recently, Ava was asked to go before Congress and testify, and further plead for the Cosmetic Industry to change in support of President Obama suggested legislation in September 2009.  For now, I would just like the opportunity to inform people as I feel “Knowledge is power, and Power is Knowledge”, and our children depend on us to make wise choices.   I pledge to you that this is about a toxic message, which you need to unravel.  Please take one minute to look at some of your products.  
Be well, Suzanne Arena

7 thoughts on “Educate Yourself to Protect Your Body: Personal Care Products May Contain Toxins

  1. so let’s get to the important issues. will the Anderson products make my wrinkles go away? Even a little bit? If so, I’m gonna buy some.

  2. Hey Suzanne,

    EXCELLENT post. I don’t know why we in this country think we’re the best at EVERYTHING when the Europeans are so far beyond us in stuff like this. And make no mistake, they live longer than we do, at far less expense. Riddle me THAT one!!

    Ps. All the best!

  3. Wrinkles go away??? Well this is the top question with those over 40, and I can only add that this is only attainable via surgery and I am sorry to say the only thing that will permanently reduce wrinkles. I, personally, would be very wary of anyone who tells you otherwise. Moisturizers can plump up the skin, make it moist and softer, and reduce visible wrinkles, but will never make them go away! C’mon, we all really know this deep down… under all those wise age lines ~LOL!

    Do know, Ava’s moisturizer can be considered :”anti- aging” according to what is out on the market – it has vitamin A and E and natural anti –oxidants.

    For me, the cincher though is that there are no cancer causing agents…or worse in her products. I am not only living for today, but for tomorrow and I don’t want to have

  4. Well, that’s very disillusioning. The cream with all the weird ingredients promises to do everything but clean your house for you. Aging is tough, but as Mark Twain said, it beats the alternative.
    How about a light eye cream? Do you sell that?
    I hear that coffee is an antioxidant. I hate to think of how old I’d look if I didn’t drink a pot a day.

  5. Honeysuckle Flower Extract, when used as a preservative as with these products, is a highly processed and highly concentrated paraben extraction. From a biological standpoint, they are virtually identical to the synthetic parabens we already know are harmful. As of this writing, there is no available evidence to indicate a naturally derived version of a paraben is any less toxic for the body than a synthetic version.

    While all of us love using for product safety information, the site is relatively new and their database is still lacking a lot of information on certain ingredients. They disclose this for each ingredient by posting the “data gap” next to the safety rating. Ingredients with a 100% data gap have NO available safety data available within EWG’s database, therefore the “0” rating they receive would be more accurate if a “not available” was used instead.

    For more information on the health risks associated with honeysuckle flower extract, read Eliza Moriarty’s article as published on the Organic Comsumers Association webpage.

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