One thought on “NYT on Pat Kennedy

  1. I am not a Catholic, and I am not much of a deist. However, it seems to me that a great strength of the Catholic Church has been the the mix of stability in doctrine and the wealth of very solid philosophy. One can choose to be a Catholic or not; to accept doctrine or not. The fact that the Kennedy’s have largely been the most un-Catholic of Catholics on the one hand detracts from the real issues in the latest Kennedy’s “problems” with doctrine. Of course, we know know of Joseph Kenendy’s failures in so many ways, so long ago; John Kennedy’s lapses that make Tiger’s current exposure (no pun intended)look very tame; Ted Kennedy’s divorce, car accident, and other foibles; and the rest of the clan’s misbehaviors, including one sitting in prison for murder, another charged with bad behavior towards ladies, etc., all very un-Catholic. The latest Kennedy’s efforts of win elections by picking issues that go against Church doctrine is more likely in keeping with classic Kennedy desires to win elections at any cost, and not a separation of church and state issues. The latest Mr. Kennedy has the right to say anything he wishes as an American. But the Catholic church also has the right and obligation to adhere to doctrines and values it deems significant.

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