Today’s the Day

It’s 7am. Do you know where your Congress is? All I want for Christmas is to find out that this health bill will do more good than harm. Duct tape is ugly, but it can hold things together until there’s a chance for a real repair.

Maybe it’s the caffeine, but I’m ready to enter this decade running, and taking whatever opportunity presents. Is the health bill the breach in the wall? Is it a first step? My brain says no but my heart still hopes.


2 thoughts on “Today’s the Day

  1. The problem with using duct tape for a temporary repair is that sometimes it becomes the repair. That’s the fear here.

    At the risk of being labeled a whiner, a juvenile, or someone on hallucinogens, I’m not a fan of either the house or senate legislation, but much less a fan of the senate version. The house looks almost good in comparison.

    This is a victory for making the market safe for the health insurance industry. A victory delivered by the health insurance lobby, which Lawrence O’Brien described a few days ago as making the NRA lobby look like Common Cause.

    Although there’s a bit of humor that no doubt will appear on Youtube and become part of the Nevada Senate campaign where Reid is seen has having voted against health care before he voted for it.

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