Get a Job

The San Bernardino Sun reports that Tea Partiers are planning a national strike.

Am I wrong to be amused that the same people who hollered at me, ‘get a job’ are planning to use a sick day? Actually, an informal scan of the demographic gave me the impression that many of them are retirees.

I have two jobs, so I guess I cancel out one non-working Tea Party member. Maybe we progressives can offer to come out and temp for the vital work that will be left undone when the vast legions of anti-reform people attempt to shut down the nation for the day.

3 thoughts on “Get a Job

  1. Excuse me, but almost every important step forward has come from people taking to the street. Sitting in isolation and sniveling behind your computer certainly won’t accomplish anything tangible.

  2. I was at three town hall health meetings. It was surreal to see middle-aged people jumping up and hollering with the stated intent of interrupting the question and answer session that Congressman Langevin had set up. They partially succeeded, but he kept his cool.
    The Young Repubicans and the Larouchites were there in force doing street theatre.
    How strange, for someone who remembers the sixties, to see this play out.

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