Earthquake in Haiti

Haiti has suffered a 7.3 level earthquake in the capital city, with thousands feared dead.

Burning Bridge has a link to citizen response to the disaster.

Euronews on relief efforts. Complete reporting in

Huffington Post has an old post by Catholic Relief Services on lessons learned from the Tsunami.

Many in Rhode Island have family and friends in Haiti.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake in Haiti

  1. The disasters that have struck Haiti seem never to end and encompass all the pain humanity can bear. One can only hope the the help that is needed will arrive as quickly as needed before the second part of disaster emerges: disease and chaos.

  2. I meet people in my health work who came from Haiti and have family there. Many Rhode Islanders are directly affected by this disaster. I gave to Doctors Without Borders, because they are already on scene and the hospitals were destroyed.

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