3 thoughts on “Doomsday Clock

  1. Unfortuanately the “greed” of bakers is no match for the “greed” of politicians and the corruption they bring to the table.Bankers are audited endlessly, only the ballot box can restrain politicians and that is excercised infrequently.

  2. Oh please.

    This is just too revolting for words.

    The bankers’ greed comes first. Then it’s used to buy politicians, because of the inherently corrupt nature of our political system, with it’s never-ending election cycles.

    Bankers are not “audited endlessly,” at least not in any real sense of the word “audited.” Can you say “Enron”? “Worldcom”? “Wash Mutual?” These people were running Ponzi schemes so transparent that any halfway qualified accounting student could have found the scam.

    But, surprisingly, none did.

    Why is that, Mr Wohlberg?

    You bought all the whining about “burdensome regulations” hook, line, & sinker. Hey–I’ve got some land in Florida that will interest you.

    Ask yourself this: how is it that a company can report record profits to its shareholders, and yet have no profit when it comes to paying income tax?

    Just remember–I can vote against a corrupt poltician. I can’t vote against a corrupt CEO.

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