Just Wondering

I’m really slammed with work, sadly unable to write much.

Last night I was in the parking lot of East Side Market with NPR on the radio. They are all worked up over bioterrorism, and someone said that there’s an urgent priority to develop an anthrax vaccine.

I remember the still-unsolved anthrax attacks after 9/11. Several people got sick, a few died. We still don’t know who did it. I went to the post office, where the postal workers were wearing rubber gloves, and I thanked them for doing their jobs on the front lines. You’ll remember that US Mail was a target.

And this was very bad. Innocent people died, more got sick, and many were threatened in their workplace by tainted letters, real or fake. I’m not downplaying it.

However, we all know that thousands of Americans die each year from lack of health care because of a broken and unjust system. We know that denying care to our fellow-citizens has made some people very rich. And the best chance of reform in sixty years is falling apart.

How is it we can realistically expect the money to flow to an anthrax vaccine to fight bioterrorism, when we are making it explicit that we can’t afford basic health care for all Americans?

Whoever launched the anthrax attacks intended to do much more damage than they did. Any evildoer who could mess up our country and hurt Americans as much as our dysfunctional health care rationing profiteering wild west would put themselves in the criminal hall of fame.

One thought on “Just Wondering

  1. Nancy, I agree wholeheartedly.

    I believe we should provide health care to Everyone, regardless of their birth place or “immigration status”.

    I am sorry I haven’t commented lately…I want to belatedly commend your Vampire post (re: recent Supreme Court decision) and note that I carefully crafted a little paragraph comment to another one, but the dang computer swallowed it whole, and my patience failed me…

    You Rock, Ninjanurse!

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