My President

I went to a friend’s mother’s wake last night, didn’t see the State of the Union.

A year ago I was joining up with people I found on the net, to watch President Obama’s speeches on TV, but my heart isn’t in it now.

He’s potentially one of the best presidents we’ll have, he inherited a range of crises all happening at once. Things are bad, but they could be worse. Still, I had hoped for so much.

If the people lead, leaders will eventually follow. I know this is not a time to give up, but rather to get more active. I’ll keep on with health care, I sent an email to Congressman Kennedy last night. His famous uncle, after all, didn’t aim to get ‘sorta near the moon’.

It’s exhausting to think of government as an endless campaign, but that’s what is necessary. I’m gonna get another cup of coffee and go to work now.

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