Pawtucket a Hotbed of Education

Once you go down that slippery slope, allowing chess lessons and knitting circles, it’s only a matter of time before people are openly promoting education in the middle of downtown Pawtucket.

I knew something was up when I saw a bright, shiny new yoga studio. Don’t try and pretend there won’t be yoga classes, flagrantly advertised no doubt.

With all the yoga and chess and Flying Shuttles weaving, not to mention a Public Library just blocks away, there’s no stopping the expansion of education.

Pleasure and health are nice, too, but that was never the issue. Megan Andelloux won her case before the zoning board, in spite of enemies who would rather use quotation marks in emails than honest argument.

The surreal debate, which comprised hours of harping on the illegality of education in a multi-use commercial building, was covered by this reporter here.

Good luck, Megan. I hope you will show a way out of the dehumanization and commercialization of our deepest desires and feelings on one hand, and the condemnation and shaming of our physicality on the other. A tall order, but you won your battle with the zoning board, and beat opponents who dealt in innuendo, but who never bothered to show at the hearing.

One thought on “Pawtucket a Hotbed of Education

  1. Thank you for covering this, sitting through the long meetings and offering a kind word. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Now that this hub-bug is over, let’s start providing people with the facts.

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