Protecting Our Women

Just a question for you real American men. Not men like ‘Joe’ the ‘Plumber’ or ‘Jeff Gannon’. I’m thinking more like Scott Brown, the senator with ‘available’ daughters. Would you want some guy with a drug history and possibly an odorous leaking sore in his personal area to be staring at and judging your daughter as she parades around undressed?

Well, heck yes! It’s the Miss America pageant.

Rush Limbaugh, the man credited with popularizing the term “feminazi,” says he’s a fan of the women’s movement — “especially when walking behind it.”

Hey, only one lucky girl will be Miss America, but who knows how many will get to be Mrs. Limbaugh. It’s three and counting so far.

At the risk of being called a ‘feminazi’, this writer calls the whole thing ‘An Obscene Spectacle’.

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