Positive Thinking and Following Leaders

A case is working its way through the courts that shows so much about human nature. We crave heroes, we follow leaders, we believe in transformation…

James Arthur Ray is transforming the way the world thinks. As an internationally-renowned Personal Success Strategist, Visionary and New York Times Best-Selling Author who has traveled the globe dedicating over two decades of his life to studying the thoughts, actions, and habits of those who create true wealth in every area of their life, James delivers his practical teachings to hundreds of thousands of individuals and business leaders every year.

Blind faith had terrible consequences…

Motivational speaker James Arthur Ray pleaded not guilty Thursday to three counts of manslaughter at his first court appearance since being charged with causing three deaths at an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony he led.

Ray was more than a speaker. He promised wealth and health, getting very rich and making influential friends. His website includes testimonials from people who raised their personal income and lowered their body fat, while having quality spiritual experiences. He could play politics as well…

With all the buzz around health care right now, it’s surprising to me that no one’s really talking about personal responsibility or the prevention of sickness versus the treatment of sickness.
That’s why I’ve put together a this FREE 5-course video program designed to help you invest in your greatest wealth: Your health!
By enrolling in Taking Personal Responsibility, I’ll show you what it takes to be truly healthy…

Well, you won’t need that government health care, will you?

Every year it can be expected that some high school kid will be run to death by a trusted coach who was trying to toughen up the team. Every year some college kids will die trying to belong to some fraternity. Initiation by ordeal is an ancient human practice. It’s in our nature to want to belong, to want to prove ourselves, to bond around an intense experience.

It’s very hard to get up and walk away. I imagine even more difficult for those poor people who were weak and dizzy with dehydration. Most of us, if we admit it, at some point went along with something that was dangerous, because it was hard to break the influence of the group.

The sweat lodge is a traditional Native American religious ritual. It’s notable that Native Americans are not generally the wealthiest or healthiest citizens. It seems that the money is in appropriating and marketing the rituals, not living by them.

About a half dozen American Indians attended Thursday’s court hearing and told reporters that Ray’s ceremonies and others like them violate their way of life.

“It’d be like for me to put on a costume and say I’m the Pope,” said J.R. Packhorse, who practices in tribal courts in Arizona. “It takes years, it takes time to learn how to do these ceremonies properly, how we can do them where people are healed. We’re here to make sure a man who has been imitating us is dealt with.”

Reality hit three people who believed in James Arthur Ray like a brick wall. He maintains his innocence.

It’s a New Age saying that ‘you create your own reality’. I’ve never believed that. We are only human. We don’t create anything.

We can make the best of the circumstances we are in, and collectively accomplish great things. This is the opposite view to the prevailing one, that our collective life is hopeless and our best refuge is privatization. Add religion and you have a guru of personal responsibility leading a group into mortal danger, promising that by some magic reality can be shaped to our convenience.

Kiersten had a good post about positive thinking, here.

4 thoughts on “Positive Thinking and Following Leaders

  1. Thank you, Nancy. Very interesting — don’t know where I come down on James Arthur Ray at the moment. In terms of positive thinking, there is a lot to it. I prefer to use an approach of calling up the needed archetype inside yourself to deal with problems and crises, and to enjoy your life and experience joy and peace. Sometimes positive thoughts, prayers, affirmations, whatever you want to call them — help you call up what is needed.

    And for those who just like to groove on positive news, it looks like unemployment is dropping, if you believe governments statistics:


  2. “Most of us, if we admit it, at some point went along with something that was dangerous, because it was hard to break the influence of the group.”

    A study revealed that the reason soldiers will attack an enemy position despite being outgunned, outnumbered and the likelihood of death is a near certainty, is not patriotism, it’s that soldiers don’t want to appear cowardly before their fellow soldiers.

    Armies depend on this aspect of human nature.

  3. More ugliness.

    Preaching “taking personal responsibility” while pleading not guilty and trying to shirk the consequences of his actions.

  4. Yeah, there’s more about it in today’s New York Times, and he doesn’t come off looking good. Apparently he had some close calls in the past, and can’t claim ignorance.

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