Angels of Light

Even 2,000 years ago Rabbi Jesus knew that some people weren’t what they seemed to be. The organizer of the group that went to Haiti to rescue children, and ended up trying to leave with children who were not orphans–whose parents might have been able to take them home if only they had some help– turns out to have a troubled past.

Remember the Golden Rule. If you were ever in such a terrible situation and begging for help, what would you want? To have someone help you care for your child, or someone take your child to a foreign country? News accounts say at least one child was crying for her mother. Just because they are poor, doesn’t mean you can ignore all the rules.

UPDATE: Not only does the organizer of this badly conceived ‘rescue mission’ have a suspect past, their lawyer is a suspected human trafficker who is alleged to have transported women and girls tricked into prostitution. We should know soon is he is the same man the Dominican police have been seeking.

It’s been asked, would American evangelicals go into a place like say– Bosnia after the civil war, and try to load a bunch of white children into a van and drive them off, no questions asked? What were they thinking?

BACKGROUND: There have been numerous scams where Christians have been persuaded to donate to ‘aid’ programs that were actually scams. There are also scams where Christians sign on to a scheme to get rich quick on African gold. Pat Robertson took donations in the US to set up an operation in Congo that is alleged to have been an attempt to loot diamonds with the collaboration of dictator Sese Seko Mobutu.

Children are more precious than gold. What was planned for those Haitian children, and again, why did the Christians not offer help to the parents so they could care for their own children in their own country?

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