Simple Decency

John Mc Ginley on Huffington Post says what should have been the first word, but in the political mudfight we call our national debate, simple decency got lost.

Don’t open this at work, because he lists some of the names we should stop calling people. I’ll just quote this excerpt…

People with Special Needs — and their families — do not need any help to make their lives “a little more challenging.” They already have plenty on their plate, thank you very much. And the last thing that any Special Needs family wants is to be assaulted with the R-word. It is already an uphill battle!

Dignity is inherent to the human condition. An individual’s dignity is not only an entitlement. It is a fundamental quality that distinguishes each of us and lends an informed significance to everything that we do. And any time a person’s dignity is stomped on, it is wrong! The R-word robs people with Special Needs of their dignity. And it is time to stop.

I think he might be a Unitarian, or at least might have been hanging out at coffee hour.

And here I want to thank Trig Palin, who though still in his infancy has served his country well. During the presidential campaign, when his mother was taking him out to huge noisy gatherings, exposing him to people who might have had colds, keeping irregular hours and traveling constantly– I feared he might get sick. We usually try to keep newborns away from those conditions.

After the first few weeks, Sarah Palin was emerging as more of a liability than an asset to John McCain. It’s a commonplace for politicians to use ‘time with the family’ as a way of getting out of untenable situations. I really worried for Trig. I thought the October Surprise might be a switch from Sarah Palin to Condoleeza Rice. I think it might have worked.

Anyway, the most recent photo I saw shows the little guy looking very healthy and rosy-cheeked. I hope he has a good, long and happy life. And I’d extend that wish to all America’s children, because how we treat our children is a measure of our worth as a nation.

And John Mc Ginley’s post about the ‘worth and dignity of every human being’ is a discussion we should continue.

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