Before Completion

I’m not a February type person. We’re in the deepest of the cold, on the edge of a snowstorm, in the dark of the moon. Two days before Ash Wednesday when all the Catholics wear a mark on the brow. Don’t ask me to give up blogging for Lent. I don’t attempt the impossible.

The news is appalling. Our President of Hope sends drone bombs to Afghanistan, which miss their target and kill civilians. Reform of any kind seems to have been politicked to death.

Before Completion

This hexagram indicates a time when the transition from disorder to order is not yet completed. The change is indeed prepared for, since all the lines in the upper trigram are in relation to those in the lower. However, they are not yet in their places. While the preceding hexagram offers an analogy to autumn, which forms the transition from summer to winter, this hexagram presents a parallel to spring, which leads out of winter’s stagnation into the fruitful time of summer. With this hopeful outlook the Book of Changes come to its close.

We have just completed the Year of the Ox, now begins the Year of the Tiger. We are gaining two minutes of sunlight every day, with a little jump ahead every third day, and a very gradual rise in the average night-time temperature. Theists like to rag on Atheists, saying they have no one to be grateful to. But one reward for rationality is reverence upon seeing the days get longer, and knowing they will increase according to their season regardless of human disorder.

My front yard has thrived on neglect for so long I declared it a butterfly garden and nature preserve. Dull green blades are pushing up out of the frozen dirt. They’ll probably get freeze-dried in the next few weeks, but by then more will be growing. It’s dark at 5:30, but there’s still a little blue in the sky. The ground is still frozen. New England Spring will visit us soon and tempt us to believe while wearing us down with penetrating cold and freezing rain. But seasons change, because they must. So here’s writing from President’s Day, just before Ash Wednesday, with 4-6 inches expected and a North wind blowing, before completion.

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