More Empty Words

A Colorado man with a history of violence had no trouble getting a gun, which he used to shoot two schoolchildren. It would have been worse if he had not been tackled by a heroic teacher.

Math teacher David Benke says he had no time to fear for his life when he tackled a man he said was preparing to reload a rifle to shoot students at a Colorado middle school who were heading home for the day.

The gunman, Bruco Eastwood, seems to have suffered from mental illness. It’s understandable that his family is in shock. Still, this quote from a man identified as the father of the shooter is strangely empty…

“There’s nothing you can say about it. What can you say?” the man told The Associated Press. “Pretty dumb thing to do. I feel bad for the people involved.” He wouldn’t comment further.

I’m sure Bruco Eastwood’s father is feeling things he didn’t disclose in that statement. But it makes me think there is a parallel language for this kind of thing. When two children shot in front of their school are ‘the people involved’. I don’t think that Mr. Eastwood invented this script. I think we have a vast reservoir of outrage and rich language of condemnation for some kinds of violence, but a lack of words and a passive acceptance of the lone man who just couldn’t take it anymore.


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