Howard Stern’s Inner Beauty

I’m always surprised when people get all excited about the fact that actors play roles. That’s why they call them ‘actors’ after all. And shockingly enough, scriptwriters create roles for all kinds of actors.

I didn’t watch the movie, ‘Precious’. I only watch science fiction because I get too much reality on the job. Still I was kind of happy that a woman, Kathryn Bigelow, got ‘best director’, and that Gabourey Sidibe was nominated for best actress.

Other than that, the Oscars kind of fell off my radar. Except that now there’s all kinds of upset that Gaborey Sidibe came out as fat. It seems she really is fat in real life and lots of people are outraged about it.

Or maybe Howard Stern, not nominated for anything lately, is just looking for attention.

We all have our public and private persona. Ninjanurse is very businesslike at work, but likes to let her hair down and enjoy some intelligent company when the day is done.

Ninjanurse at Home

I’ll bet Howard Stern is just a regular guy when he’s not performing. He puts his hair away, slips into a Slanket and watches the 700 Club.

Howard Stern at Home

The sketch is just an artist’s conception, of course, and may not accurately depict Howard Stern. I don’t even know if they still sell Geritol. But I like to think of him this way– a hardworking actor taking a chance to let his inner beauty shine.

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