Turned on C-Span, turned it off. I can’t stand this, but I have to.

If health reform passes, this is just the beginning. This is just the very start of fixing a very broken, wasteful, heartless and ultimately stupid and self-defeating mess. The present state of affairs is a threat to our economic future, and a test of our soul as a nation.

I can’t stand it, it’s giving me a stomach ache.

2 thoughts on “Nailbiter

  1. I once had a stomach ache, a rather severe one, a number of years ago. I thought it might be appendicitis, so I went to the local emergency room. But it was only gastroenteritis. The insurance company wouldn’t cover the expense because it was not a serious enough condition to warrant an ER visit. If I had, in fact, had appendicitis, they would have covered that. My bad. I should have known what condition I suffered from before going to the hospital.

    Yes, we are all victims of a “broken, wasteful, heartless” health care system, where insurers are more than willing to take your hard-earned money and provide you with coverage, as long as you don’t actually need to use it. We desperately need reform, and an imperfect bill is better than no bill at all. Regrettably, the Republicans seem to hate all Bills, whether they be named Clinton or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    Ugh, now my tummy aches.

  2. Good to hear from you. You did the right thing, severe abdominal pain is something I would send one of my home care patients to the ER for. I don’t have x-ray eyes.
    My brother in law had abdominal pain, and the ER told him to go home and take an aspirin. He was a young Black man in the 1970’s South for what that is worth. My mother in law did not accept that diagnosis, and took him back to the ER. It was, in fact, appendicitis. I believe he is alive today because his mother stood up for him.

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