Last Stand

Will the last hurdle to completing the health care bill be Republican opposition to Pell Grants for low-income college students? Is that where they want to draw their line? Will their theme song be Pink Floyd’s ‘We Don’t Need No Education’? The bill goes back to the House today.


2 thoughts on “Last Stand

  1. What has a student loan/grant program to do with a supposed Health Care bill? Of course the health care bill is unhealthy for the nation and most know that; massive debt that has already caused difficulty a day after passage as the Treasury has had a hard time selling bonds will continure to impact us all, especially kids and grandkids. Of course, there is no health care from this bill for years, since the government will collect taxes for 4-6 years before the bill even begins. Of course unions that donated to the democrats are exempt until 2018 (if GM or Chrysler still exist). Of course only 16 million people are added to the insured roles, not 30 million. Of course jobs will be lost as announced by corporations that will not pay out the added costs because they cannot and instead will move plants abroad to China, India or Latin America. Of course, older Americans will suffer as they their Medicare benefits are slashed. Of course we will all get better medical care as doctors leave the profession simply because they cannot make a living or bear the costs of insurance.

    What a great piece of legislation! If only they had added the student programs…darn!

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