Pick Another Bird

What is it with the Republican Party and birds? I’m not talking about pigeons, parrots, or even vultures. I’m talking about American Eagle. Yes, the majestic national symbol that would be extinct by now, or only seen in zoos if it weren’t for some liberal tree-hugging conservationists.

We just saw the Young Eagles get their wings clipped. (With all the depressing stories coming from the Catholic church the RNC is giving us a much-needed laugh). I wonder if this is causing any discomfort in Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum? Do Young Eagles graduate after age 45 to the Eagle Forum? Are any of the Young Eagles girls? Apparently the excursion was organized by a female RNC staffer named Alison Meyers, who is the only one who got fired over this. Is there something she’s not telling? I’m just asking.

I recall another disturbing story, from the Bush administration. The Attorney General, John Ashcroft, was alleged to have subjected staffers to what arguably could be called abuse

‘Let the Eagle Soar’, written by John Ashcroft, sung by John Ashcroft. You can actually injure yourself if you’re forced to look serious when your boss is singing this…

Let the eagle soar,
Like she’s never soared before.
From rocky coast to golden shore,
Let the mighty eagle soar.

Full lyrics here.

I regret that all this eagle hunting has blown some feathers off America’s finest eagle moment. That was when Neil Armstrong announced that ‘the Eagle has landed’, on the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Americans believed we could go to the moon, and we did. How much smaller our horizons have become since then.

Please, Republicans, do not besmirch that memory. Pick another bird.


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