Crying Nazi

Feministe has a post that says it all. Contrary to highly placed spokesmen for the Catholic church, unflattering coverage in the New York Times is not the same as genocide.

It’s my humble opinion that a high-tech lynching is more survivable than the low-tech. Being criticized for wrongdoing and suffering harsh editorials can’t be compared to being targeted for extermination by your own countrymen under a vicious regime. The Pope, himself a survivor of that regime, should tell his priests not to cry Nazi.


One thought on “Crying Nazi

  1. I certainly agree with the post, but further, feel the press has actually been quite gentle with church authorities all along. Can you imagine the outcry if a big hospital or school system covered up criminal behavior by doctors or teachers on a large scale for years, transferring offenders to commit offenses elsewhere, and saying it is all just “petty gossip?” Think of the media attacks on ACORN for some questionable behavior but no cover-up. Religion usually gets a pass from criticism.

    That said, crying “nazi’ is all too common when various factions want to feel persecuted. Think of the Obama-as-Hitler pictures at the health care town halls, or the comparison of check-points in Gaza to nazi persecution. Thats not the Catholic Church making those comparisons.

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