Computer Won’t Make You Smart

The net has been a source of great fun and many wasted hours but I’m not surprised to see that pointing and clicking does not exercise your brain. A study shows that people who used the brain boosting programs might as well have been reading lurid news stories about euthanized mice.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Did anyone out there see the first computer-generated movie, Walt Disney’s ‘Tron’? It was very colorful.

Leaving the theater and walking back through the parking lot, I was struck by how rich ordinary life is. The barrage of special effects in the movie was actually two hours of sensory deprivation. Sitting in a chair watching a screen is not exercise of body or mind.

Speaking of exercise, there is evidence that activity does boost brain power. So wash the Cheetos crumbs off your fingers, change out of your pajamas and go outside. You’re already a brilliant blogger, take a walk once in a while and you’ll be Einstein. I think he liked to walk.


3 thoughts on “Computer Won’t Make You Smart

  1. Yeah, there was a study that came out this week about those brain expanding games like Brain Age and such which are on most platforms. It says these things do absolutely nothing for you and your nut. I guess I’ll go back to reading the comments on Youtube (followed by some excersize).

  2. I loathe the way technology has made the world just something to be navigated by GPS.
    You see kids walking down the street with their heads in the phone. You take them on vacation to the grandest views in the world and all they see is the damned cellphone!
    They have, in effect, turned the whole world into a phone book.
    And GPS? Great if you’re in the army, but damn people, you are getting stupid about how to read maps and remember landmarks.

    In any case, the kids should learn how to walk in the woods without a cellphone.

  3. no argument against paying attention to your surroundings. it’s the first thing I learned in martial arts.
    I like GPS for navigating the city for nursing visits. I have a map, but the challenge is locating where you are to begin with, and remembering the route while you drive. Now I just go where the voice tells me. It’s actually helped me find a lot of shortcuts. Occasionally it runs me around in circles too, you have to know when to ignore it.

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