Have Mercy!

As if gay people haven’t suffered enough, now there’s a gay character in Archie comics.

I remember being traumatized by Christian Archie Comics. A brave historian has dared to revisit those days, a link is here. If you survived the decade of dirty hippies, scary black radicals and The Cross and the Switchblade, approach that link with caution– it causes flashbacks.

When I was a lonely, churchgoing, unconfident teen, I picked up an Archie and learned that ugly girls can be made to go away by hooking them up with the Lord. Problem solved. It’s a scary message when you are hanging out with a group where the girls outnumber the boys 3-1. Good thing I left– I might yet be waiting for my first kiss.

I wanted that kiss real bad, but the nice ladies in the church told me that Jesus would give me a love far better than the earthly, and I should stop thinking about those things. Women were supposed to be helpful and smile all the time, and exude a radiant joy in our salvation. That Archie comic actually scared and outraged me, because the message I was getting was to stifle my needs, shut up and stay invisible. The gay guys in the church were supposed to do the same.

What caused this revolution in Archie World? Now there’s a gay guy in Riverdale. Will the Christians love-bomb him, or have they all lost their faith? The theological implications are deep and mysterious.

Myself, I find Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Sunnydale to be a more congenial alternative universe. If you survive high school, nothing else can defeat you.


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