Personal Responsibility

The Huffington Post has an inspiring story of personal responsibility.
Mike Covington, a reporter for the Louisville Courier-Journal, found himself unemployed and unable to afford health insurance. Having already faced heart disease and now losing his safety net, he got on his bike and started riding.

Over time he lost 100 pounds and developed an exercise habit that is his number one way of beating stress.

I like this guy so much that I won’t use him in argument– I’m busy visualizing him getting a great new job with benefits, including health insurance and the option of biking to work.

But the answer to our health care mess is not either/or. I get discouraged seeing patients getting one prescription after another when they are locked into a vicious circle of stress, maladaptive coping and consequences– like Mr.Covington was when he put on the weight.

On the other hand, one would need health insurance if one had an accident or one of the many diseases that can kill you if not detected early and treated.

Personal responsibility and health security can work together. Research shows that two out of three Kmareka bloggers were prescribed Vitamin Ex by their doctor, the same prescription Mr. Covington used so effectively.

I’ve got fire insurance, but I still have smoke alarms and I don’t light candles near the curtains. Apply that model to health and see how it can work. Gotta go now, I’m out promoting health and earning my pay.

One thought on “Personal Responsibility

  1. This post brings to mind the perfect presecription for the Obamacare fiasco….a simple, employer mandated catastrophic injury and illness policy for anyone with a job……and leave it at that. Make it cheap, make it simple, and leave out all the frills. Then, people will at least not have to worry about bankruptcy if the get a serious injury or illness. And, if people really want a more comprehensive policy, let ’em pay for it, with no deductability from taxes.

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