A new allegation against Roman Polanski. An allegation is not a conviction, but he’s behaving true to form. He has not expressed any remorse and has his publicists and hangers-on telling the world how victimized he is. I’m sure he believes it. He has other history with underage girls, so it remains to be seen what will come to light.

I really hope that he stays in Europe. California has better uses for its tax dollars than staging a star-studded production of Terminator vs Predator. This drama has gone on too long and lacks originality.

What should we do to protect our children? Should we teach disobedience? Maybe we should. Will that lesson follow them, and make them disobedient adults? Would that be such a bad thing?

A MAN OF GOOD CHARACTER: Woody Allen vouches for Roman Polanski. That should help.

PLAIN TALK: John Shore let’s Roman and Woody have it— I appreciate he mentions that Polanski agreed to a settlement with his victim for the real injury and financial harm he caused her and then never paid it. There’s also some selective memory in the press of how old Soon Yi Previn actually was when Woody Allen started getting physical with her.

3 thoughts on “Unsurprisingly

  1. >>>”What should we do to protect our children?”

    For starters: Don’t let them hang out with Catholic priests unsupervised.

  2. Justice delayed is justice denied and the aging Mr. Polanski is long overdue for justice. He has managed to evade payment for decades and enjoyed a life of wealth and comfort. His victim and apparently other victims, and society have a right to collect the debt. It is astonishing, but revealing, how many “stars” see no need to pursue Mr. Polanski.

  3. Yeah, this is true. But I’d settle for California using the money to pursue charges against offenders who are living there now. Maybe we could get 2 in jail for the price of one.

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