Be Very Afraid

Rand Paul in Kentucky. When the Repubs go totally over the edge the hope of a two-party system with a real debate recedes.

Is this significant, a measure of the tone of the debate?

HEBRON, Ky. — After winning Kentucky’s Republican primary Tuesday night, Bowling Green ophthalmologist Rand Paul refused to take the call of congratulations from opponent Trey Grayson, according to Grayson’s campaign manager Nate Hodson.
Hodson did not elaborate, except to say “it happened.”
“This is truly a classless act in politics,” said Marc Wilson, a Republican lobbyist and friend of Trey Grayson.

Six months is a long time.

OUTSIDE AGITATORS: If you grew up in the sixties, it’s very weird to hear Rand Paul vs ‘the establishment’. This link follows the money, most of it was not raised in the Bluegrass state.

ON RACE: Well, you can make an argument, as here via Taylor Marsh, that restaurants should be able to refuse service to any racial or other groups the management doesn’t like, and the public will so abhor this disgraceful prejudice that such business will get no customers. That’s how it worked through most of American history, right? No one ever got ahead by pouring hell and humiliation on a minority. And Martin Luther King had a dream.
Rand Paul repeats the same line on Rachel Maddow.

SPEAKING THE SAME LANGUAGE: That would be, ‘Weasel’. Sarah Palin’s endorsement was warmly received by the Paul campaign. Don’t think either of them is inarticulate. They are actually highly skilled in the faux-sincere techniques of appearing to say something while preserving deniability. I’d look out for ‘dog-whistles’ too since both of them pal around with groups that they wouldn’t want to be seen with on the national stage. Palin and Paul are both very smart people and have cash and influence behind them. Don’t underestimate.

CALLING HIM OUT: Rand Paul is already doing damage control over his convoluted non-support for the laws that banned racial discrimination.

On Thursday Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) an iconic figure of the Civil Rights movement seemed visibly angered when discussing Paul’s comments on MSNBC.
“I do believe he is not good for this country going forward,” the South Carolina Democrat declared.

Read Rep. Clyburn’s point by point dismantling of Rand Paul’s argument here.

One thought on “Be Very Afraid

  1. Remember, Paul is running to replace Bunning. It appears that the republicans are alloted one “way out” candidate slot per election. Rand fills the bill.

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