Blind to the Good of Socialized Medicine

Again, not to pile on Rand Paul, but health care is my thing, and I’ve spent the last winter freezing my garbanzos at rallies for health care reform. So this is intensely interesting to me.

Should the taxpayers have to carry the burden of some old guy’s cataract surgery, or should we just let him go blind? Well, under the current nanny-state system he is covered by Medicare. Medicare patients make up the bulk of the business for eye surgeons.

So Dr.Paul has benefited directly and indirectly from government involvement in medical insurance, in research and in setting standards so that patients can trust something as precious as their eyes to a qualified doctor.

Very good discussion of this in Daily Kos.

And if you want to say to the visually impaired, ‘get a job’, here’s Steve Benin of Washington Monthly, taking apart Rand Paul’s distortion and mis-information about the Americans With Disabilities Act. Paul is again building a straw man, claiming the ADA requires things that it doesn’t.


4 thoughts on “Blind to the Good of Socialized Medicine

  1. thanks. we’re not only personal, we’re grateful. we’re kind of a voice in the wilderness sometimes, but what the heck, I write for attention.

  2. I have news for everyone:

    Each and every one of you is paying for my medical coverage. Every stinking cent of it.

    Am I on Medicare? No. I work in Corporate America, and I have Health Insurance.

    But who pays for it? You do.

    The cost of my medical care is a business expense, that my company includes in the cost of its products. That means you.

    And then, my company gets to deduct the cost of my medical coverage as a business expense, thereby lowering its taxes. This costs you again, when you have to pay a refund to a profitable company.

    So this crap about “I don’t want to pay for somone’s bad lifestyle choices.” Newsflash: you already are. By implementing the health care act, we have a chance of keeping the costs under control.

    All of the rest of the industrialized world pays less per person for health care, with equal or better results. We’re paying, and too much.

    PS. Nice to hear from you SEKANblogger. For those of you who haven’t ventured over to the Prarie Populist site, do. It’s a nice little community.

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