That’s Reassuring

I’m relieved that a fish contaminated with the deadly radioactive isotope Strontium-90 found in the river near the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is just a normal radioactive fish. They don’t think it came from the plant, because all that’s leaking from there is Tritium.

They think the fish picked up the radioactivity from decades of nuclear weapons tests and the Chernobyl disaster. So all that means is that NUCLEAR POLLUTION TRAVELS AROUND THE WORLD AND IT NEVER GOES AWAY. You knew that already, didn’t you? Nothing we’re not used to.

We get occasional hits from people searching for Robert Peabody, the Rhode Island man who was killed in an accident at United Nuclear in Charlestown. He left a wife and nine children who were never adequately compensated for the loss of their father and the damage to their health. As tragic as Mr.Peabody’s death was, the exposure of rescue and medical workers and the cleanup of the site take it to a whole new level. Go here to read the story.

2 thoughts on “That’s Reassuring

  1. Dear ALL;

    How can you make that assumption about the fish becoming radioactive over a long period of time? Every time something like this incident gets to the news the Government tries to cover it up and leave the people out of the loop.The Vietnam War ended in 1975 – 35 years ago and they still won’t release all the information on Agent Orange to us veterans because of two factors: all the diseases this caused to our veterans and the anti-American publicity America would receive on the World Arena. And what we did to that country from 1959-1971 and the people of it.

  2. Yes, innocent children are paying for the sins of that war. It’s certain in Vietnam, and perhaps there are effects in the USA to children of veterans.
    I wonder if there is a link between Agent Orange and vasculitis, but have not been able to find any information.

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