Five Makes You an Ace

That’s what my husband said when I told him that Rush Limbaugh is getting married for the fourth time. It’s not to Ann Coulter, though you’d think they would have been made for each other. Maybe next time around.

Mr. Limbaugh somehow finds time to smirk at Al and Tipper Gore, who announced their separation this week. Obviously the Gores don’t respect marriage. They only managed to get married once in forty years. It’s like they’re not even trying.

Elizabeth Taylor, of course, is in a class by herself, with eight marriages to seven men. She’s very experienced, but still hopeful.

Love is a mysterious thing. If you get marriage right the first time, it’s as much due to luck as to virtue. It’s not really safe to brag about your marriage or snip at others because the gods will hear you and soon you’ll be fighting about cat hair on the couch or who forgot to change the oil in the car. So to Rush Limbaugh I will only wish felicitations. To the Gores, I wish a good life and no regrets.

2 thoughts on “Five Makes You an Ace

  1. To Rush Limbaugh, I will only wish a marriage as good as he deserves. I’m not sure I can conjure felicitations for someone whose lies have hurt so many.

  2. The old saying about how if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything certainly applies here….

    Although, I second Kiersten’s remark: let’s hope he gets what he deserves, if not in this life, in his next. That dude has accumulated some seriously ugly karma.

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