Taken in Context

Is this a case of Puritanical bureaucrats putting their blue-stockinged heel on the throat (a lovely swan-like throat, let’s say) of sexual happiness? From NYT…

Drug for Sexual Desire Disorder Opposed by Panel

A federal advisory panel on Friday unanimously voted against recommending approving a drug to treat female sexual desire disorder, but it encouraged the company to continue its research.

A close reading shows that the drug is a dud without much effect, certainly not enough to justify the health risks. It is intended for pre-menopausal women only, and doesn’t really do much. It works on the brain chemistry, so the possible unwanted effects could be just about anything. You might find yourself collecting cats. Or blogging.

Maybe desire is like happiness. When you pursue it, it is always out of reach. But happiness comes unexpected when you are in the right place. Maybe desire is like a cat, who never comes when she’s called but is unexpectedly underfoot, rubbing against your leg, tripping you up.

Bonnie Rait sang, ‘You can’t make your heart feel something it won’t’.

There’s so many mood-altering drugs being pushed on us, to make us better cogs in the machine. A drug to enhance desire would be a good thing, life being short and all. But maybe a better remedy is a three-day weekend.


One thought on “Taken in Context

  1. Desire and performance are separate-I guess Viagra-type drugs are ok if needed,but they only deal with the physical aspect.
    Medicating to initiate desire sounds bad.
    It’s something unscientific,it can’t be measured,and it ain’t gonna happen if the predisposition is missing.
    It’s like looking at an artwork-it grabs you or it doesn’t.
    Think about this-if you look at a picture of a crowd all dressed similarly,the faces look alike,but up close they are all quite different.

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