4 thoughts on “Get Well Soon

  1. Sekanblogger, we are Rhode Islanders. If we drive to the next town we pack an overnight bag. We don’t go to places like Kansas, we wait for Kansans to come to us.
    Anyway,we have a tea party in Rhode Island, headed by a woman. I have problems with this because the original tea party happened in Boston, which is in another state, so no one I know would have been there.
    I’m thinking of forming my own party. It will be made up of real Rhode Islanders. I haven’t decided whether we will party around coffee milk or frozen lemonade, but I’ll have a press conference when I make up my mind.

  2. I want to refer to a previous post. Maybe because I write about people some of whom had the bathroom in back of the house, I smiled at the images of seven and nine kids with only one bathroom! That’s one of those details that tells so much. Good for those dads.

  3. This job might actually be worse than a chicken plucker(I think they have a machine for that now).

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