Chipotle Chips in For Better School Lunches

One of the better food places to locate in Cranston of late is the Chipotle in Garden City. So imagine my delight when I heard that they are sponsoring a campaign to give $50,000 to a fund to improve the quality of school lunches. From a blog called Love and Trash:

“We don’t like junk. Not in our inboxes and not in our food.” – that’s the campaign slogan. Participation is simple: when you get a junk email, you forward it to For every 100,000 emails they receive, they’ll give $10,000 to The Lunch Box to advocate and educate for better school food. Their top limit: $50,000.

Sounds good to me. I would LOVE to see the quality of school lunches improve — there is so much long-term value in feeding our children well.


One thought on “Chipotle Chips in For Better School Lunches

  1. Circa 1960 we used to get canned chow mein on a hamburger bun with optional mustard and fried noodles on the side-this being junior high school.
    It didn’t seem that bad.
    When we got burgers we used to call it “horsemeat”-????

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