A Light Goes Out in Cleveland

We Miss You, Harvey

Harvey Pekar died today at age 70, all too soon and badly missed. While he’s best known for the movie version of his masterpiece, ‘American Splendor’, the actual comic books are still in print– in anthology form even.

He was a great original voice, writing the day to day and recruiting some of the best cartoonists to put his vision on the page.

If there is a heaven for depressed, kind of cynical guys you can trust to tell the truth, Harvey Pekar is there.

In today’s New York Times there is a fine obituary with photos.

WHAT’S IN A NAME? Actor Paul Giammati plays Harvey Pekar reflecting on the meaning of existence. Seeing the deep in the ordinary, as Harvey Pekar did so well.

FROM OFF THE STREETS OF CLEVELAND: The Plain Dealer has a good article.


One thought on “A Light Goes Out in Cleveland

  1. Pekar’s storylines and Crumb’s illustrations were pure noir poetry.
    Check out Crumb’s “Book of Genesis”.Outtasight!!

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