Congratulations Felicia

During the time I worked with the Coalition Against Human Trafficking I met many concerned and dedicated men and women who wanted urgently to extend help to people who were coerced into prostitution or involuntary labor.

One of the women I immediately liked and trusted was Felicia Delgado. Felicia is herself a survivor of drug addiction and prostitution, and now works with Project RENEW, a local outreach organization that offers help and a way out to commercial sex workers.

Edward Achorn of the ProJo has an editorial today, about the court decision to clear Felicia’s record from prostitution charges. He makes reference to Biblical teachings about forgiveness.

I know from conversations with Felicia that she is a devout Christian who studies the Bible with her church and on her own. I’m sure that her work of reaching out to people in trouble is an expression of faith in action.

As far as forgiveness, I’m reminded of what Jesus said about the helpful guy who offers to take a speck out of your eye when he has a log in his own. When Jesus said to ‘forgive one another’, he seemed to mean that all of us fail sometimes.

Congratulations, Felicia, for everything you have accomplished. Thank you for what you contribute to our community.

6 thoughts on “Congratulations Felicia

  1. I don’t see the big deal about expunging a prostitution charge.They expunge robberies and stuff.

  2. Prostitution shouldn’t even be a crime in the first place. If all transactions are consensual, and there is no victim except the “state,” there is no legitimate reason for arresting someone and locking them in jail. Malum prohibitum statist nonsense.

  3. It will be a cold day in July before we see a john standing before the judge asking to be made respectable.

  4. Dan-you’re right,except in the cse of street prostitution-dangerous for all concerned,unsanitary,and reduces the quality of life in the neighborhood.
    ninjanurse-johns get prosecuted all the time in “sting” operations,so-??

  5. It’s only dangerous when it is outlawed and driven underground, like so many other failed prohibitions in our nation’s history. Quality of life probably isn’t so great in the areas these spas move into in the first place, not that that would be a justification for using state violence against peaceful people and throwing them in jail even if they did have that effect.

  6. Dan-spas don’t pose a danger-it’s the street trade.The women areat great risk(remember the I195 killer?)and so are customers.
    Even in places where prostitution is legal,like Amsterdam,street soliciting is illegal.”Windows”and brothels,as well as escorts are all legal.There’s no effect on the local areas.

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