Dave St. Germain

I can’t believe he’s gone. He was only 43, he seemed so on top of things.

Dave was a friend, he helped configure my computer. He talked a group of us at First Unitarian into cooking a hot meal for the homeless men living at Harrington Hall. He had a room at Crossroads for himself, but his life was never secure. He struggled to pay his monthly rent, a percentage of his disability check.

He was an activist, a leader, confident and well-spoken. He kept his pain to himself but walked with a limp and didn’t sleep well.

I wish with all my heart that he had found someone to take over his life when he was driven to such despair. I’m angry with him for eluding his dear friend’s best efforts to protect him. Today I met with people who were close to him, who really tried to get him help. I wish he had called someone, but he knew the system well and did not choose to go that way. Now we are missing a gifted and loved advocate for justice.

Dave was someone who helped solve other people’s problems. He had many friends. We will miss him. I wonder, and will always wonder, why he had to end his life that way.


2 thoughts on “Dave St. Germain

  1. Maybe because he didn’t want to endure severe pain day in and day out.
    I’ve had friends who committed suicide and figured it was their business,not for me or anyone else to second guess.None of them were “crazy”in the general way we use that term.
    Suicide is an option for anyone when things are irreversibly bad.
    It’s different with teenagers and younger people,but as we get older,sometimes there is no light at the end of the tunnel.I never understood why they put Jack Kevorkian in prison.
    When younger people start acting suicidal,intervention is a very good idea.
    No matter how well we think we know someone we don’t.We’d do well to know ourselves.

  2. Observer, I think you are right that physical pain was the reason. Dave suffered more than he let on. My condolences on the loss of your friends. It’s very hard to lose Dave’s friendship– we miss him very much.
    I keep wondering why, but there are no answers.

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