Downtown Diary–Pawtucket

Pawtucket Armory


The Pawtucket Armory is now a center for the arts, following the migration of artists from Providence to the more affordable Pawtucket.

I saw a huge hawk wheeling above the Stop and Shop on Cottage Street.

Lorraine Mills is a remnent of the New England textile industry, and fabric heaven for people who know how to sew. You can get into an altered state looking at the colors and patterns. There’s silk and satin and Chinese brocade with dragons and dragonflies.

On the left of the parking lot is the old mill stream, a reminder that all these mills used natural hydropower.

Vacant lots along Mineral Spring Avenue are full of Queen Ann’s Lace, which is carrots gone wild. A small yard contains a couple of elderly apple trees, perhaps the survivors of an orchard. Yacht Club Soda gets its water from a real mineral spring. Nature in the city, if you look for it.


One thought on “Downtown Diary–Pawtucket

  1. You got all excited about the mill on Branch Avenue and the old mill housing(more quaint to look at than fun to live in I’m sure)but you missed the wetlands just past the mill alongside Branch Avenue.That little river in there makes itself known around that “millieu”every time there’s heavy rains.

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