Off Mineral Spring

On Woodlawn Avenue, just a short walk from Mineral Spring with its strip malls and endless rush hour, is this cemetery. It is green and quiet, and some of the older stones are worn by rain and lichen to a kind of Zen namelessness. They all face away from the road, perhaps to where the road used to be.

It’s a good day for bumper stickers. ‘Beholder on Board’ What’s that supposed to mean? And ‘Adult Child of Alien Abductors’. Does that get you a discount on a rocket to Mars?
This little patch of green won’t be disturbed, but the rest of the area is a sea of parking lots with islands of elderly housing and condos. You have to keep an eye out for scooters and people with canes bravely crossing the three lanes of Mineral Spring to get to the bank. It would be a great place for some urban planning for walkability, with its concentration of people who can’t or shouldn’t drive.


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