Water Tower

Plainfield Street

Driving through Johnston yesterday, just enjoying the old buildings and businesses that haven’t been replaced by chains. 

What are water towers for, anyway? Tom Sgouros probably knows. He has a fascinating lecture about the relationship between landscape, water and taxes.

Tom Sgouros ran for treasurer, but sadly dropped out. I was going to vote for him. He wrote a book called, ‘Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Rhode Island’, and you can find him here.


3 thoughts on “Water Tower

  1. Aren’t these water storage towers used to provide a constant pressure of water to the local users?
    Where they seem to be most useful is in remote farming communities in Australia but I’ve seen them on the edge of military establishments too….probably for the same reason

  2. They are ubiquitous on tall buildings in places like NYC precisely because of inadequate pressure.The water is pumped up to the tower and released as needed,with the downward path obviously providing all the pressure needed.

  3. I think that many built-up areas require these sort of storage units. There is a massive one in the new London council buildings and a similar one in the old “medical school” at University of Sydney.
    I know that some also serve as sprinkler storage units in case of fire.

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