Dr. Laura and Free Speech

In between visiting patients today I had WRNI on the radio. I love WRNI, also my radio is broke and that’s the only station it will play and I have to jiggle the on button, but that’s another story.

Anyway, Michelle Martin on ‘Tell Me More’ had several guests who couldn’t stop themselves from pointing out that Dr. L. has a PhD in physiology. That makes her an expert on the Krebs Cycle and acetylcholine.

You normally wouldn’t go to a physiologist for psychological counseling, (that’s kind of like calling the Physics Hotline for predictions) but if you air your dirty laundry on the radio because you think you’ll get it washed for free you take your chances.

Then again, access to psychological help is so out of reach for many people we should probably be grateful Dr. L. isn’t giving electric shock treatment in her garage.

Anyway, regarding free speech, you’ll find it here at Kmareka. We don’t get paid anything.

Laura Schlessinger can say whatever she wants. The Constitution doesn’t guarantee her the right to say it on her own radio program. As far as her sponsors– they want her to promote their products, that’s what she’s paid for. Let her try and say that General Motors makes lousy cars and see how long before they pull the microphone cord.

Here’s a link to one NPR review of what ‘s in the first amendment.

And anyone out there who wants to pay me to write– my rates are negotiable.

You shouldn’t need to have a PhD in poitical science to know the difference between free and paid speech. It’s something every citizen should know. Here is a civics lesson from Rashad Robinson.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Laura and Free Speech

  1. The entire mess has just illuminated how ridiculous and entitled she is. And I can’t believe how Sarah Palin has jumped on the bandwagon to defend her. Real American my butt.

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