Door Knocking

Yesterday I spent a fine afternoon going door to door in the Smith Hill neighborhood urging people to vote in the upcoming elections. The canvass was sponsored by Organizing for America, just one of the organizations that works to increase voter participation.

I only do this kind of thing every few years, but I’m always impressed with the willingness of people to talk about our state and our politics. For the most part they are polite and pleasant, something I don’t take for granted when I am ringing their doorbell unannounced.

You know what they say, if you don’t vote you can’t complain, and complaining is a right I will never give up.

One thought on “Door Knocking

  1. Good for you.One honest question-do you think it’s oaky for non-citizens to vote although it’s blatantly illegal?
    Remember this-they have a vote in their country of citizenship-we don’t.

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