Oh, Brother!

Channel 6 is putting a big buildup on this ‘excluuusive’ story that the family of Mayoral candidate, Angel Taveras, is not paying taxes. And this– when the cash-strapped city is taxing everything that moves or stays still.

What family? It’s his brother. What taxes? Car taxes, way behind with interest. What does Angel Taveras say? “He should pay his taxes.”

This is not the kind of thing you want in the news three days before the primary, but it’s a lot less relevant than if there were financial problems from the candidate himself, which no one is alleging. Angel Taveras’ brother is an adult, married, his tax bills are his own responsibility. Channel 6 is asking if there was preferential treatment, but unless they can come up with some proof then they don’t have news, just insinuation. Taveras says it’s all public record, which seems to be the source for the story.

I was put off by the newscasters, who took a smug tone as if they had uncovered a flaming scandal.

Do my brothers pay their taxes? I think they do, but if they didn’t I’d be the last to know.

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