Thirteenth Storm

Matthew, the thirteenth named storm of the season, is making its way North in the Atlantic. Tonight is the Harvest Moon–quite lovely having cleared some low clouds in the East and now hanging silver and large in the sky.

First day of Autumn feels like the last breath of summer. It’s a good time to start new projects that require fortitude and concentration. I still remember the smell of the book-bag I carried to St. Benedicts. I can thank the nuns there for a strong grounding in English grammar and a motivation to study martial arts. If a nun comes at me now, I will block and dodge, but not counter. I do retain some respect.

Soon I’ll be dealing with my windows. Will I find the cash and energy to put in vinyl replacements, or cover the whole mess with plastic like we did in the seventies? Probably the latter, but that works okay. And there’s the pleasure of ripping it off when Spring returns.


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